Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth got you down? Yeah, I get it. Perhaps you’ve worked as a barista for years to support a heavy coffee addiction or maybe you like celebrating the weekend with a couple of glasses of Pino Noir at The North Restaurant! Or you’ve just quit smoking but get reminded everyday of it from the dark pigment left on your teeth! Let’s talk about professional ways to brighten up that smile once again. It’s under there… I promise!

Your lifestyle appears on your teeth: years of drinking coffee, tea, soda or red wine, as well as smoking, can darken your teeth. Let us put the sparkle back into your smile. Dentistry By The Bay’s whitening service in Barrie, Ontario is both easy and non-invasive, and can remove years of stain and colour from your teeth in a single, one-hour treatment.

1 Hour Treatment

After an examination and cleaning have already been completed at Dentistry By The Bay, we will prepare you for a whitening procedure by having you brush with Sensodyne toothpaste for one week prior to the whitening. This toothpaste will help to relieve any sensitivity, which may be a short-term result of the professional whitening. A hydrogen peroxide solution gel will be carefully and evenly applied to your teeth, taking careful precautions to avoid the gums. The solution will be left on the teeth for 15 minute intervals and then washed away. Usually after three intervals of 15 minutes your teeth will have lifted three-four levels of on the shade guide! A fourth interval could be done if necessary.

A relief gel will be applied to your teeth and Dr. Gomes will review with you what food and beverages to stay away from for the next few days….and yes, coffee is on that list (don’t worry it’s temporary)!

Brief sensitivity will occur to even the most non-sensitive people, but will not last long. Brushing with toothpastes like Sensodyne will help, as well as staying away from foods at both extremes in temperatures for the next day or two.

Get your sunglasses on! It’s time to shine!

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